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How do I set up a proxy account so I can register a VIP?
Christopher Brooks, 14 Dec 2012
Last updated: 14 Dec 2012

A typical situation is that an administrative assistant wants to log in as a faculty member and register the faculty member for a conference.

We call this proxy access, where the faculty member grants proxy access to the administrative assistant.

The faculty member can do this by following the Options link at the top of the page and then selecting Profile and then going to the bottom of the page to the Select a Proxy for yourself section, entering the website username of the administrator and clicking ok.

Then, when the administrative assistant logs in to the website they can masquerade as the faculty member by selecting the Options choice at the top of the page and then selecting Masquerade As for that user.

Note that editing you profile and changing your name to register someone will not work. Conference registration is associated with a particular website userid, so it is not possible to register multiple people by changing the name on the account. If you would like to register someone who does not have an account, please first request an account for that person and then request masquerade permission.

We apologize that the VIP registration process is so complex, but after a certain amount of trial and error we have found that it is best if each person has their own account, there are no duplicate accounts and if we use the masquerade system.