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Adding and updating publications and presentations
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Managing presentations given at a seminar
Christopher Brooks, 4 Jan 2013
Last updated: 19 Jan 2015

One can use the publications database to manage presentations for a seminar:
  1. After the seminar, click on the "publications" link and then select Add Publications
  2. Fill out the add publication form. Often one can get the abstract from the mailing list for the seminar
  3. Upload the presentation.
  4. The presentation will be available on the website. Note the link to the page and then edit the seminar and add that link.

    For example, a presentation is at http://terraswarm.org/pubs/21.html. Thus, http://www.terraswarm.org/seminar would be edited by following the SVN instructions and a link to http://terraswarm.org/pubs/21.html would be added