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Adding and updating publications and presentations
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How do I update the authors?
Christopher Brooks, 4 Jan 2013
Last updated: 24 Jan 2013

The publications facility now associates authors with publications. Below are instructions about how to update each document and add the authors by hand.
  1. Go to http://terraswarm.org/pubs
  2. Click on the year.
  3. Click on the first pub
  4. Verify that the authors have links
  5. Verify that the abstract "looks ok"
    that it does not have strange characters in it
  6. Verify that there is a local copy of the publication, or at least that the publication does not point to a student web page that will go away when the student leaves. In general, any URL that leads to a user page that has a ~ in it should be copied and uploaded. URLS that lead to acm or ieee sites need not be copied.
    This step is optional.
  7. Click on "Edit publication" and
    • update the authors if necessary
    • update the abstract if necessary
    • upload the publication if necessary
    For the first one, I added the authors and uploaded a local copy of the pub
  8. Rinse and repeat