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Can I use the TerraSwarm Teleconference number for intra-group calls?
Christopher Brooks, 9 Jun 2014
Last updated: 9 Jun 2014

The TerraSwarm Teleconference account is for the use of center staff for large TerraSwarm-wide calls. It is expected that PIs will have a teleconference number of their own for use.
  1. The number supports only one call at a time, so two different groups cannot have a call at the same time on the same number.
  2. Shared conference call numbers don't work, they get shared too widely.

Teleconferencing Resources

There are various free services.

Paid Services

  • ReadyTalk UC Berkeley's ReadyTalk pricing states that we are paying:
    Telephone Conferencing: $0.023 per minute
    Web Conferencing: Free per minute
    UCSD has also negotiated a contract with ReadyTalk
  • Blue Jeans UCB also has BlueJeans, which has VOIP-only. There are no per minute charges for VOIP or Web connections.
  • WebEx In April, 2014: Enterprise account: $99 per month (or $79 per month with a 12 month contract). It should cover up to 100 participants, plus $0.12/minute for telephone conferencing, VOIP is free.