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How do I clean up publications after they have been published?
Christopher Brooks, 11 Nov 2014
Last updated: 11 Nov 2014

Periodically, we go through the list of publications and clean them up. We focus on the prepublications: Journal papers first, then conference papers.
  • The annual report search facility is useful as it splits up the pubs for the last year. See http://www.terraswarm.org/pubs/search/?annualSummary=2014&detailLevel=summary&Action=Search be sure to change the year if necessary
  • Start with the journal papers from the previous year, then do the conference papers for the previous year.
  • Search the web for the published version. Be sure to use the DOI instead of the URL if possible as the DOI is more permanent. Most papers will have the DOI listed on the publisher's site.
  • Get the volume, number, page numbers and month and update the TerraSwarm website.
  • Important: Presumably, the publication on the TerraSwarm website is a prepublication. When you add a link to the publication on the publishers site, the prepublication links disappear. Before adding the link to the publisher's site, copy the link to the SRC site and add it as a non-prepublication link. This will hide the other prepublication links. Then, add the DOI or URL to the publisher's site.