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TRUST Autumn 2011 Conference: November 2-3, 2011

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The Autumn 2011 TRUST Conference was held
November 2-3, 2011 at the Hotel Palomar in Washington, DC.

This event provided attendees with an opportunity to hear firsthand about the work of TRUST faculty and students-specifically activities that:

  1. Advance a leading-edge research agenda to improve the state-of-the art in cyber security and critical infrastructure protection;
  2. Develop robust education and diversity plans to teach the next generation of computer scientists, engineers, and social scientists; and
  3. Pursue knowledge transfer opportunities to transition TRUST results to end users within industry and the government.

Conference Registration

Registration for the Autumn 2011 TRUST Conference is now closed.

Conference Keynote Addresses

Virtualization of R & D Driving New Health IT Requirements
Vijay Pillai
Director, Translational Medicine & Strategic Planning
Oracle Corporation

Crossing the Chasm: Pitching Security Research to Mainstream Browser Vendors
Collin Jackson
Professor, INI & CyLab
Carnegie Mellon University

SCRUB Intel Science and Technology Center: Secure Computing Research for Users' Benefit
Anthony Joseph
Professor, Computer Science
University of California, Berkeley

Federal Cyber Security Research & Development
William Martin
National Security Agency

Realizing Intrinsically Cyber Secure Large Systems
Massimo Scipioni
SELEX Sistemi Integrati

Conference Program

Below is the conference program. For presentations, only the presenting author is listed.

A PDF version of the conference program is available here.

Wednesday November 2, 2011
0845-0900 Conference Welcome
0900-1000 Keynote Address Virtualization of R & D: Driving New Health IT Requirements
Vijay Pillai (Director, Translational Medicine & Strategic Planning, Oracle Corporation)
1000-1020 Break
Session 1: Trustworthy Health Information Systems
1020-1040 Regret Minimizing Audits: A Learning-Theoretic Basis for Privacy Protection
Arunesh Sinha (Carnegie Mellon University)
1040-1100 Declarative Privacy Policy: Finite Models and Attribute-Based Encryption
Ellick Chan (Stanford University)
1100-1120 Context-aware Anomaly Detection for Electronic Medical Record Systems
Yuan Xue (Vanderbilt University)
1120-1140 Sensor Systems for Monitoring Congestive Heart Failure: Location-based Privacy Encodings
Edmund Seto (University of California, Berkeley)
1140-1200 Uncovering Anomalous Usage of Medical Records via Social Network Analysis
You Chen (Vanderbilt University)
1200-1330 Lunch / Keynote Address
Crossing the Chasm: Pitching Security Research to Mainstream Browser Vendors
Collin Jackson (Carnegie Mellon University)
Session 2: Invited Talks - New Cyber Security Programs and Directions
1330-1400 SCRUB Intel Science and Technology Center: Secure Computing Research for Users' Benefit
Anthony Joseph (University of California, Berkeley)
1400-1430 Federal Cyber Security Research & Development
William Martin (National Security Agency)
1430-1500 Realizing Intrinsically Cyber Secure Large Systems
Massimo Scipioni (SELEX Sistemi Integrati)
1500-1530 Break
Session 3: Policy, Economics, and Web Security
1530-1550 Trust in Anarchy? Problems in the Governance of Distributed Computing Systems
Ashwin Mathew (University of California, Berkeley)
1550-1610 Game theoretic analysis of Advanced Metering Infrastructure adoption
Dipayan Ghosh (Cornell University)
1610-1630 Mechanism Design for Network Decongestion: Rebates and Time-of-Day Pricing
Galina Schwartz (University of California, Berkeley)
1630-1650 SCION:Scalability, Control and Isolation On Next-Generation Networks
Xin Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University)
1650-1710 The Failure of Noise-Based Non-Continuous Audio Captchas
Hristo Spassimirov Paskov (Stanford University)
1710-1730 Securing Interaction for Sites, Apps and Extensions in the Browser
Brad Miller (University of California, Berkeley)

Thursday November 3, 2011
Session 4: Privacy for Emerging Technologies
0900-0920 Privacy: Is There an App for That?
Jennifer King (University of California, Berkeley)
0920-0940 Privacy in the Age of Augmented Reality
Alessandro Acquisti (Carnegie Mellon University)
0940-1000 A Little Too Smart:Location Privacy in the Cellular Age
Stephen Wicker (Cornell University)
1000-1020 Tracking the Trackers, or "The Musings of a Graduate Student"
Jonathan Mayer (Stanford University)
1020-1050 Break
Session 5: Education and Outreach Initiatives
1050-1110 ENGRI 1280: Security, Privacy, and Information Network Design: Wiretaps to Facebook
Stephen Wicker (Cornell University)
1110-1130 Incorporating Cybersecurity Education into the Computer Science Curriculum
Steve Cooper (Stanford University)
1130-1150 Broadening Participation in Cyber Security
William Robinson (Vanderbilt University)
1150-1210 Applied Experimentation using DETER Testbed
Graciela Perera (Youngstown State University)
1210-1330 Lunch
Session 6: Securing Cyber-Infrastructures and Systems
1330-1350 Logical Attestation: An Authorization Architecture for Trustworthy Computing
Emin Gün Sirer (Cornell University)
1350-1410 Network Design Game with Reliability & Security Failures
Saurabh Amin (University of California, Berkeley)
1410-1430 Ultra Low Power Computation For Secure Embedded Systems
Rajit Manohar (Cornell University)
1430-1500 Break
1500-1520 Secure Detection in the Presence of Integrity Attacks
Yilin Mo (Carnegie Mellon University)
1520-1540 Integrated Modeling, Simulation and Emulation Environment for Security Assessment of Cyber-Physical Systems
Yuan Xue (Vanderbilt University)

Conference Poster Session

The TRUST Conference included an extended session when posters of TRUST research were displayed. This is an opportunity for conference attendees to learn more about TRUST research projects and talk one-on-one with TRUST researchers.

Additional Information

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Aimee Tabor, the TRUST Program Manager.