Ptolemy II 1.0.1 Release

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This is not the most recent version of Ptolemy II. The most recent version can be found at

Quick Start Instructions

You can download Ptolemy II, start Vergil, and follow the "quick tour." You can also browse Ptolemy II and run demonstrations without downloading the distribution by accessing the web copy. (You need a reasonably high speed internet connection, DSL or better, or you will wait quite a bit for applet downloads.) Note that the applet demonstrations work best with Windows, and that you will need to have the Java 1.3 plug-in from JavaSoft installed. If you do not have the plug-in installed, you can still browse the distribution and look at the source code and documentation.

Additional Information

Ptolemy II 1.0.1 is the first major release to include Vergil, a graphical user interface supporting block diagram editing of Ptolemy II models. It also includes a set of mature and experimental domains, and a more comprehensive actor library than previous releases. Ptolemy II 1.0 supports an XML schema called MoML for specifying component-based models.

To run the applets applets in a web browser, you will need the Java 1.3 plug-in. If you Java installed on your machine, then the plug-in may already be available. To find out, try running the applets. You may obtain the plug-in from JavaSoft. The plug-in is easiest to use from a Windows machine. For more information, see the plug-in section of the installation page.

When you visit a Ptolemy II applet, the first applet that is run will download ptsupport.jar, which is 931k. Each applet then will download smaller domain specific jar files of between 18k and 65k. If you have a slow network connection, or if there is congestion in the network or on our server, you may experience significant delays before the first applet runs. Some of the applets use Diva, a visualization package. The diva.jar file is roughly 823k. We are interested in any feedback you might have concerning these demos. You can send email to ptII at eecs berkeley edu.

Places to go

  • Downloads - links to various versions of Ptolemy II 1.0.1.
  • Online Demonstrations and Documentation
  • Limitations - Late breaking Limitations.