Cygwin Installation

The Cygwin toolkit provides Unix tools on the Windows platform. You need only install the Cygwin toolkit if you are going to develop your own actors.

Note that compile your own actors, you will also need the javac compiler. The javac compiler is part of the JDK, which is available at: The javac compiler is not present in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

The Cygwin home page is at

Complete installation instructions can be found at

Installing Cygwin from the self-extracting executable

We provide a self-extracting .exe file that contains the set of tools necessary to configure and compile Ptolemy II.

The file we provide includes the following packages and their source code.

  1. Download and execute cygwinforptolemy.exe (17.5Mb). The files will be extracted to an seemingly arbitrary directory. You may find it easier to change the directory to something short, like c:\temp\cygwin.
  2. Run setup.exe
  3. Select Install from Local Directory and click on Next.
  4. Keep the default for Local Package Directory and click on Next.
  5. Keep the default of c:/cygwin for the Select install root directory and click on Next.
  6. In the Select packages to install window, click on Next, which will install all the packages.
  7. Select Create Desktop Icon and Add to Start Menu according to your preferences.
  8. Remove the temporary directory where you extracted the files.

Installing Cygwin from the Web

Below are the instructions for installing Cygwin from the Cygwin website. You may want to do this to get the most up-to-date tools.
  1. Create an empty directory
  2. Download and save it in the empty directory
  3. Click on setup
  4. Select Install from Internet
  5. Use the default Local Package Directory, which should be the directory you created above.
  6. Select c:\cygwin as your install root directory.
  7. Select 'Default Text File Type' of DOS.
  8. If you are not behind a firewall, click on direct connection.
  9. Select a nearby mirror.
  10. You will be presented with a list of packages to install.
    A complete installation takes at least 75Mb.

    At the minimum, select the packages below, which is roughly a 3Mb download that expands into an 8.7Mb installation.

    • ash - For /bin/sh
    • bash
    • cygwin
    • diff - Configure uses cmp
    • fileutils - For ls
    • grep - Used by configure
    • make
    • sed - Needed by config.status, which is created by configure
    • shellutils - For basename
    • textutils - For cat and tr

    If you are serious about development you may also want:

    • autoconf - requires gawk, grep, m4
    • findutils
    • gzip
    • less
    • tar
    • Rebuilding in java/lang/ptbyacc requires gcc and w32api