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15.7 Class DLGraph

Class DLGraph, derived from class ParGraph, is the input APEG graph to the dynamic level scheduler. It consists of DLNode objects created by redefining the following method:

EGNode* newNode(DataFlowStar* s, int i); 
This method creates a node in the APEG graph. Here, it creates a DLNode.

DLGraph has a protected member maintaining the number of unscheduled nodes.

int unschedNodes; 

We may check whether the scheduler is deadlocked or not by examining this variable when the scheduler halts. This can be manipulated by the public methods

void decreaseNodes(); 
int numUnSchedNodes();
The first method decrements unschedNodes and the second method returns it.

The DLGraph class redefines resetGraph method.

void resetGraph(); 
This makes the initial list of runnable nodes and sets the variable described above. This method internally calls the following protected method:

virtual void resetNodes(); 
This method resets the busy flag and the waitNum member of DLNodes.

There are three other public members.

DLNode* fetchNode(); 
Fetches a DLNode from the head of the list of runnable nodes.

StringList display(); 
Displays the APEG and the list of source nodes.

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