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17.1 Introduction

The C50 domain generates assembly code for the Texas Instruments TMS320C5x series of digital signal processors. The graphs that we can describe in this domain follow the synchronous dataflow (SDF) model of computation. SDF allows us to schedule the Blocks and allocate all the resources at compile time. Refer to chapter "SDF Domain" on page 5-1 for a detailed description on the properties of SDF.

The TMS320C5x series are fixed-point digital signal processors which have 16 bit data and instructions and operate at a maximum rate of 50MIPS. The C50 domain has been tested on the TMS320C50 DSP Starter Kit board.

Since the C5x processors are fixed point, the floating point data type has no meaning in the C50 domain. Fixed-point values can take on the range [-1,1). The most positive value is

. The domain defines a new constant C50_ONE set to this maximum positive value. In this chapter, whenever data types are not mentioned, fixed-point is meant. The complex data type means a pair of fixed-point numbers. The complex data type is supported for stars that have anytype inputs or outputs. Integers are the same length as the fixed-point representation. Matrix data types are not supported yet.

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