A Code Generation Framework for Ptolemy II

by Jeff Tsay

Technical Memorandum UCB/ERL M00/25
Dept. EECS
University of California Berkeley, CA 94720, USA
May 19, 2000



A new approach to code generation for Ptolemy II systems is taken. The approach involves transformation of the existing code in each actor of a system. The transformation process operates on an abstract syntax tree created and decorated by a Java compiler based on the Titanium compiler (see http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/Research/Projects/titanium/. This paper describes domain-independent transformations as well as transformations specific to Synchronous Dataflow (SDF). The output of the code generator is Java code with calls to the Ptolemy II kernel and data replaced. This code is meant to be fed into a generic Java-to-C converter to produce code compilable on DSP platforms.