Higher-order Petri net modeling---techniques and applications

Jörn W. Janneck and Robert Esser

Workshop on Software Engineering and Formal Methods, Petri Nets 2002, Adelaide, Australia

Prepublished version
Published version


Higher-order Petri nets are a class of high-level Petri nets, in which Petri nets themselves are first-class objects---i.e. tokens may represent Petri nets, and Petri nets may be the values of parameters and variables, as well as the result of computations performed during the occurrence of transitions. These features facilitate a number of very powerful higher-order modeling techniques, making Petri nets much more flexible, compositional, and the resulting models more reusable. This work explores the usefulness and expressivity of these techniques by looking at some of them from an application point of view and by illustrating them with small to medium-sized application examples.