Gabriel: A Design Environment for Programmable DSPs

by E.A. Lee, E. Goei, H. Heine, W.Ho, S. Bhattacharyya, J. Bier, E. Guntvedt

Proc. of IEEE Design Automation Conf., pp. 141-146, Las Vegas, NV, June, 1989. July 19, 1999

Prepublished version
Published version


Gabriel is a retargetable software system for the development of assembly code and microcode for single or multiple programmable DSPs. It is intended to ease code development even for processors that are not easy targets for conventional compilers. Code generation for the Motorola DSP56001 is emphasized. A Thor-based simulator supplies a variety of target multi-DSP architectures based on the DSP56001. The top-level algorithm description is a large grain data frow graph, and a graphical interface using OCT and VEM provides a natural representation of the high level structure of the algorithm.

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