Ptolemy II Jacl

Ptolemy II uses a Jacl to run the test suite.

Jacl is a 100% Java implementation of a subset of the Tcl language. We provide

  • ptjacl_src.tar.gz - A custom version of Jacl for Ptolemy II. (Unix line endings, updated 6/2005)
  • (Windows line endings, updated 3/1999)
  • This version is based on Jacl 1.1.1, but has the following changes:

  • Only one jar file (ptjacl.jar) is necessary. In Jacl1.1.1, one must add two jar files to your classpath.
  • It has a Tcl clock command
  • Various minor fixes, see the ChangeLog
  • How to run the Ptolemy II test suite

    1. Download
    2. Unzip it using either Winzip or info-zip
    3. Place ptjacl.jar at the top of the Ptolemy II directory:
      cp ptjacl.jar $PTII
    4. Rerun configure
      cd $PTII
    5. Run the tests
      make tests

    Running Jacl by hand

  • To run Jacl in Bourne Shell
    export CLASSPATH
    java tcl.lang.Shell
  • To run Jacl in the C shell
    setenv CLASSPATH ptjacl.jar
    java tcl.lang.Shell
  • To run Jacl as a standalone window in Bourne Shell, use the tcl.lang.PanelShellApp class instead of tcl.lang.Shell:
    export CLASSPATH
    java tcl.lang.PanelShellApp

    cxh at eecs