Places to go

  • My Audio Page
  • /usr/sww/doc/faq/netjam.faq talks a lot about what is midi etc. If you are interested in midi, this is the one faq to read.
  • Timidity is a midi player that will work on the Sparc. Probably this plays midi files, as opposed to reading from midi devices.
  • Magma sells sparc serial cards that might work: http://www.magma.com/sbus.htm
  • http://www.4front-tech.com/oss.html has some sort of Sparc device driver, but it does not yet support MIDI.
  • http://www.netspace.org/~mjh/MIDI Sparc10 Midi sequencer class project. Looks like no sources are available? There are some links available at http://www.netspace.org/~mjh/MIDI/development/
  • Old midi directory at /users/ptdesign/adm/doc/midi (local use only). This directory contains a some research from March, 1994, so it is probably out of date.
  • Midi-in-a-D-shell

    he README for midi-in-a-D-shell-1.2 says:
    Sparc / SunOS 4
    OK, so you probably don't have one of these at home, but
    they're fairly common in Uni's and in the workplace.
    I managed to find a kernel hack that gives the correct serial
    data-rate (31250 baud) out of the standard serial port.
    This was part of package called 'Incidental Music Generator' which
    I found on the anonymous ftp site:
    The file was called:


    img.tar.Z has a README that says:
    This is the STANDALONE sparcstation version of IMG and some misc audio
    editing tools, written by Peter langston, edited and packaged by
    Stephen Uhler.  This package represents only one part of a larger
    collection of work, that may be released at a later date.   This
    software was written about 1986; the current packaging was done in
    *  The stuff in sys, is a midi driver for 4.1 sarcstations.
       With this driver you can use your serial ports to generate
       midi, only the level converter is required.  The mpu2sun
       utility converts peters MPU format to the sun midi driver


    Steven Uhler's Homepage has the sparcOmatic sources. The README says
    Highlights of the second release:
     - Support for PCM stereo on SPARC 10's, and LX's
     - Support for Solaris
     - Per channel volume controls
    This is the beta release of SparcOmatic, a MIDI synthesizer for the Sun 
    Sparcstation, copyright (c) 1993 by Bellcore, by S. A. Uhler
      This is the synthesizer.  It uses stdin and stdout for commands,
      reads MPU format midifiles, renders them, and generates output on
      This is a "wish" program, written in TK/tcl that runs synth with an X
      based graphical user interface.  [This interface is obsolete]
      This is a "wish program, written in TK/tcl (using the BLT extensions)
      that runs synth with a graphical user interface.
      This is a wish program that talks to "synth.tcl" to permit dynamic
      manipulation of synth's voicing characteristics.  It communicates with
      synth via new.tcl
      This directory contains the code for building smf2mpu, a program for
      converting standard format midi files into the "mpu" format used
      by synth.  It has been extracted from a larger package by Peter Langston
      [Thanks Peter], available via ftp from: ftp.uu.net:/pub/music/img.tar.Z
      These are some sample "mpu" format midi files.  They have been culled from
      various network archives, and converted to MPU format from standard midi
      format.  A larger set of tunes is available separately.
    This is the second preliminary release.  There are still lots of missing
    features, both in synth, and in the user interfaces.
    Suggestions are welcomed.   This release included support for sparc-10's
    using PCM stereo, and SOLARIS.  I have also included smf2mpu in this
    distribution so you can convert your own standard midi format files to
    MPU format.
    Stephen Uhler

    Send comments to cxh at eecs.