Tcl and Java Programming


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Table of Contents

Tcl and Java Programming

About this tutorial

Background (1)

Background (2)


Tcl + Java (1)

Tcl + Java (2)

How Tcl Blend works

How Jacl works

Installation (1)

Installation (2)

Windows NT notes

Windows 95 notes

Solaris notes

Tutorial code (1)

Tutorial code (2)

Tutorial code (3)

Getting started (1)

Getting started (2)


Unfamiliar with Tcl?

What's a Tcl package?

Creating objects (1)

What's a Java package?

How do I load a Java package?

Creating objects (2)

Creating objects (3)

Calling objects (1)

Calling objects (2)


Type conversion (1)

Type conversion (2)

What’s an object wrapper

Type conversion (3)

Type conversion (4)

Type conversion (5)

A small utility

Fields (1)

Fields (2)


Static methods

Importing java.lang

A note on importing


Other utilities

Summary of basics

Compiling Java (1)

Compiling Java (2)

A note on CLASSPATH (1)

A note on CLASSPATH (2)

A note on CLASSPATH (3)

Java facades


A note on Java packages

Jtimer (2)

Jtimer (3)

Java datatypes

Java extensions

JTimerCommand (1)

JTimerCommand (2)

JTimerCommand (3)

JTimerCommand (4)

Loading an extension

Java Media Framework Demo

Facades vs extensions (1)

Facades vs extensions (2)


The canonical Java GUI (!)

Why not?

Events (1)

Events (2)

Events (3)

The same thing in Java

Events (4)

A note on JDK 1.2

Callbacks (1)

Callbacks (2)

Callbacks (3)

Callbacks (4)

Callbacks (5)

Callbacks (6)

Swing example

The Tcl Bean

Jacl (1)

Jacl (2)

Java Tcl Shell (1)

Java Tcl Shell (2)

Handling key events (1)

Handling key events (2)

Evaluating commands

Add Java handles to Tcl

Test scripts (1)

Test scripts (2)

Buggy Java class

Corrected Java class

Exception testing

Gluing test scripts together

Executive Summary

What works with what

Future prospects

People to bug

More resources


Author: John Reekie and Christopher Hylands


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Other information:
This tutorial was presented at the 1998 Tcl/Tk conference in San Diego, September 14-18, 1998. Follow the link above to get to more information about this tutorial, including an on-line textual version.