Browser Swarmlet Host Tests

The browser swarmlet host is included on the Please click on the left menu to try accessors.

If clicking on a menu item does not load an accessor, then you are viewing this page on a server that does not include the browser swarmlet host. You can either point your browser to a server that does at, or you can run your own test server, provided in the accessors repository, on your local host:

   cd accessors/web/hosts/browser/test
   node testServer &
where "accessors" is the root of your repository copy. Then point your browser to this page: http://localhost:8088/hosts/browser/test/index.html

If you do not see documentation for the accessors, you can create the documentation as follows:

   cd accessors/web

Try some standalone test pages. These pages have all necessary scripts, but without the formatting:

See also README.txt.