Cape Code Swarmlet Host

Cape Code is interactive graphical editor for swarmlets based on Ptolemy II. If you have installed Ptolemy II (the current development version, not a release), then you can invoke Cape Code on the command line as follows:

 > vergil -capecode

assuming that $PTII/bin/vergil is in your path. You will see the welcome window:

Cape Code welcome window

Cape Code library

For detailed instructions on using and extending Cape Code, see the Cape Code Host wiki.

Cape Code is integrated with the TerraSwarm accessor library. The current contents of the library appears in the palette of available actors, as shown on the right, and can be dragged into a model and connected with other actors or accessors in the library.

Cape Code includes a number of demos. Browse those by following the demos link in the welcome window shown above. For a tutorial on Ptolemy II, see the Ptolemy Book (a free download).

CapeCode Screenshot

Above is a screenshot of a sample CapeCode model.