Ptolemy II in Embedded Signal Processing Architectures: Deriving Process Networks from Matlab.
Bart Kienhuis
UC Berkeley

Novel high-performance, domain specific, embedded architectures are often composed of a microprocessor, some memory, and a number of dedicated coprocessors. On these embedded architectures, real-time applications will be executed that belong to the domains of multi-media processing, mobile communication, and adaptive array processing. These applications are often written in a particular way in C or the Matlab language. However, a better specification format would be to use an inherently parallel model of computation like Process networks.

In this presentation, we present how we can derive from a subset of Matlab, automatically a Process Network description. This network model is subsequently presented within the Ptolemy II system, using the MoML description language of Ptolemy. This allows for the simulation of a Process Network, and in principle the combination with other domains, thus enabling the description and simulation of more complex systems. Also, by automatically attributing the process network model with communication attributes, design space exploration can be performed on the process networks.