Ptolemy mailing lists

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Ptolemy Interest Mailing list

This moderated mailing list is for Ptolemy announcements only. You cannot post to this group. The amount of mail here is kept very light (a few messages a year). To subscribe to the ptolemy-interest mailing list, go to All mail to ptolemy-interest also goes to ptolemy-hackers, so if you subscribe to ptolemy-hackers, there is no need to subscribe to ptolemy-interest too.

Ptolemy Hackers Mailing list (search)

This is a discussion list for Ptolemy questions, bug reports, and to share Ptolemy additions and applications. Since this is a discussion group, mail volume can sometimes be heavy. To subscribe to the ptolemy-hackers mailing list, go to You can search this mailing list for previously posted messages on any topic.

Newsgroup: comp.soft-sys.ptolemy

UC Berkeley no longer has a Usenet machine, so we no longer monitor comp.soft-sys.ptolemy.

The easiest way to read comp.soft-sys.ptolemy is via Google Groups.