Design and Verification of 3G Wireless Applications in Agilent ADS
Josť Pino, Agilent EESof

The growing use of digital communication systems has complicated RF circuit design. The complexity of modern communication systems confronts designers with the non-trivial task of interpreting and translating system demands into circuit specifications.

Additionally, verification of simulated with measured results is an indispensable part of the design procedure. To excite the RF circuit one can make use of commercially available instruments. The signals generated are, however, not readily accessible to the simulator in use and form a significant bottleneck for the verification. Furthermore, these instruments are limited to the generation of a limited set of complex digital signals, while the designer often requires a broader selection of complex digital signals combined with for example noise, phase-noise or pre-correction information.

This talk examines the trends in simulation at the system and circuit level, including the link to hardware realization, modeling and test with specific attention being paid to aspects of standardization in software and hardware design.