Rapid prototyping of RADAR signal processing systems using Ptolemy Classic
Hans Schurer, Patrick Meyer, Jan Hunink, THALES Naval Systems Netherlands, Xavier Warzee, THALES Optronics, and Denis Aulagnier, THALES Airborne Sytems.

The ESPADON (Environment for Signal Processing Applications Development & prOtotypiNg) program is a European research program in the Eurofinder framework financed by the Ministry of Defence of France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The companies involved are THALES (formerly THOMSON-CSF), BAE SYSTEMS Advanced Technology Centres and Matra BAe Dynamics France. The goal of ESPADON is to develop a new methodology to significantly improve the process by which complex military digital systems are designed, manufactured and supported. The main objective is to reduce product development time, leading to a similar reduction of product and life cycle costs. ESPADON meets these objectives through a combination of advanced design methodology emphasising risk analysis, rapid and virtual prototyping, concurrent engineering, and design reuse. In this talk we will elaborate on the benchmarking of a radar signal processing application using Ptolemy Classic as the rapid prototyping technique. We will present the developments which were done in Ptolemy to be able to automatically generate C-code for a multi-processor target using the standard VSIP Library. Main developments are a reusable library (in the domains SDF, BDF and CGC) with components based on VSIPL, and a multi-processor target for the platform of implementation. The implementation of the radar application is performed on a high-end Commercial Of The Shelf (COTS) platform using crossbar interconnect between processing nodes; a Mercury PowerPC G4 machine.