A wireless network simulator for 3rd generation cellular networks based on Ptolemy II
Wolfgang Rave, Jens Voigt, Thomas Koehler, and Gerhard Fettweis, Dresden University of Technology/Radioplan GmbH, Dresden, Germany

In this poster, a dynamic simulator for the radio network level of radio access networks will be presented.

This simulator is able to assess capacity limits of 3rd generation WCDMA radio access networks by an evaluation of the radio resource management algorithms' influence on the interference situation. In contrast to conventional planning tools, this software is able to include time-dependent algorithms that model dynamic aspects of a living radio network. So, it will help to tackle optimization problems in the operation of 3rd generation mobile information networks and behind.

This software is based on PtolemyII. An object-oriented class library for radio access networks in general and for the WCDMA-UMTS radio system was added. Furthermore, in order to shorten simulation time, a novel tailored simulation engine was added and can be used alternatively to sequential discrete event simulations.

A standalone animation software, which is also implemented in Java, optionally demonstrates the simulator's behavior during investigations. Both processes communicate via IPC.

The open and thoroughly object-oriented architecture of PtolemyII is a perfect base for an extension.

The use of PtolemyII software and infrastructure helped to decrease development time and allowed us to concentrate ourselves on the modeling, implementation, and application of our engineering problems.