An Approach to Executing Ptolemy Classic Models under Ptolemy II
Ned Stoffel, Dwight Richards, Neil Smyth*, and Matt Goodman,
Telcordia Technologies, Inc. (* Smyth is now with Altio)

We describe an approach, developed at Telcordia, for executing Ptolemy Classic simulation models under the control of Vergil, the Ptolemy II graphical user interface. In our hybrid system, an extension to ptlang automatically creates proxy java classes from Ptolemy Classic model components written in Ptolemy Language. These java proxy classes are linked into Vergil. This permits a user to build and configure models from these components within the Vergil GUI. At execution time, a special Director subclass extracts the component parameters and topology from the Ptolemy II model. It then coordinates the execution of the corresponding C++ model in a Ptolemy Classic execution engine. The model is transmitted to the Ptolemy Classic engine through a ptcl interpreter via a socket interface. A separate socket connection transmits results back to the Vergil GUI where they are plotted. Features and limitations of this hybrid simulation platform will be discussed.

-- Work supported in part by the NIST Advanced Technology Program.