System behavior analysis with UML and Ptolemy II
Xavier Warzee, Thomson-CSF Optronique

We use UML to design systems. First, we collect systems requirements with Use Cases. These Use Cases are refined with Message Sequence Charts (MSCs) and FSM charts. MSCs describe interactions between components. Each component may be refined in terms of new MSCs or FSMs.

Today, only Rhapsody from ILogix allows animation of these UML models to check the behavior of systems. Esterel Studio, from Simulog, allows us to formally verify control part of systems behaviors by generating Esterel code from UML models. But this environment is limited only to reactive systems.

Our goal is to map UML models to Ptolemy II in order to use a larger set of semantics allowing us to check behaviors of distributed, hybrid, and embedded systems. MSCs will be mapped to tolemy II models using DE, CT or CSP domains and FSMs will be mapped to FSM domain. Currently, we develop a plugin for Rose/Rational to generate MoML files. UML models will be decorated with attributes needed to select Ptolemy II domains during MoML generation.