Note: Presentations are provided in both PDF and Powerpoint formats because, for reasons that you will have to discuss with Microsoft and Adobe, it does not appear to be possible to generate accurate PDF files from Powerpoint files. Providing Powerpoint files makes it very easy and tempting to "borrow" their material. However, these presentations are owned by the author, so please do not use this material without permission from the author.

Sixth Biennial Ptolemy Miniconference Program

  • Ptolemy Project Status and Overview PDF PPT
    Edward A. Lee, UC Berkeley
  • Kepler Project Status and Overview PDF PPT
    Bertram Ludaescher, UC Davis
  • The Distributed-SDF Domain PDF PPT
    Daniel Lázaro Cuadrado, Aalborg University
  • Distributed Computing in Kepler PDF PPT
    Ilkay Altintas, San Diego Supercomputer Center

10:10-11:10 - Second session

  • Some Developments in the Tagged Signal Model PDF PPT
    Xiaojun Liu, UC Berkeley
  • Semantic Data Type System for Kepler PDF PPT
    Shawn Bowers, UC Davis
  • Workflow Exchange and Archival: The KSW File PDF PPT
    Shawn Bowers, UC Davis

11:10-12:00 - Poster Briefings

Poster presenters are encouraged to give a 3 minute presentation about their poster.

1:00-3:00 - Poster session

3:00-4:20 Afternoon session

  • Programming with actors PDF PPT
    Jörn Janneck, Xilinx Research Labs
  • Large scale networked system simulation using MLDesigner PDF PPT
    Horst Salzwedel, TU Ilmenau
  • Operational Semantics for Hybrid Systems PDF PPT
    Haiyang Zheng, UC Berkeley
  • Experiences in Integration of the 'R' System into Kepler PDF PPT
    Dan Higgins, UC Santa Barbara

4:20-5:25 Afternoon session

  • Bravely Using Java in the New World of Complex Real-time Systems PDF PPT
    David F. Bacon, IBM
  • Future Directions PDF PPT
    Edward A. Lee, UC Berkeley