HyVisual 3.0 - Hybrid System Visual Modeler

HyVisual Planet
Hybrid systems are systems with continuous-time dynamics, discrete events, and discrete mode changes. This visual modeler supports construction of hierarchical hybrid systems. It uses a block-diagram representation of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) to define continuous dynamics. It uses a bubble-and-arc diagram representation of finite state machines to define discrete behavior.

Note that a more recent release of HyVisual is available, see the Hyvisual page for details.

  • July 21, 2003: HyVisual 3.0 is available as part of Ptolemy II 3.0.
    To install HyVisual 3.0 under Windows, download
    either the Ptolemy II Windows Installer with Java (47.8 Mb)
    or, if you have Java 1.4 installed, download the Ptolemy II Windows Installer without Java (24.8 Mb).

    While installing, select the "Full" installation, which will include the HyVisual icon in your Start -> All Programs -> Ptolemy menu choice.

    For details about the Windows installation, see Ptolemy II 3.0 Windows Page.

    For source code and other methods of installation, see the Ptolemy II 3.0 Page.

  • HyVisual is described in:
    Christopher Hylands, Edward A. Lee, Jiu Liu, Xiaojun Liu, Stephen Neuendorffer, Haiyang Zheng "HyVisual: A Hybrid System Visual Modeler," Technical Memorandum UCB/ERL M03/1, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720, January 28, 2003.