Communication Systems Modeling in Ptolemy II

Ye Zhou

Memorandum No. UCB/ERL M03/53
December 18 2003
Electronics Research Laboratory
College of Engineering
University of California, Berkeley 94720




Synchronous Dataflow (SDF) is useful in modeling communications and signal processing systems. We describe a communication actor library based on the SDF semantics in Ptolemy II and show how to use these actors to simulate communication systems. However, many communication and signal processing systems nowadays use adaptive algorithms and control protocols. These sometimes violate SDF principles in that SDF actors must have fixed rates during execution. A. Girault, B. Lee, and E. A. Lee proposed in [7] a new model of computation called Heterochronous Dataflow (HDF). HDF extends SDF by allowing rate changes in actors during execution. HDF is a heterogeneous composition of SDF and Finite State Machines (FSM). We describe an HDF domain implementation in Ptolemy II. Examples and discussions are given to show how HDF can be used in various forms.