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How do I change from gigasource to source?
Christopher Brooks, 18 Aug 2005
Last updated: 21 Sep 2009

In August, 2005, we moved the Chess, Embedded and Trust sites from gigasource.eecs.berkeley.edu to source.eecs.berkeley.edu.

If your workgroup on Chess, Embedded or Trust uses CVS editing, then you will need to adjust your local CVS repository. There are several ways to do this:

  1. The easiest way is to remove your old tree and check out a new one:
    Chess workgroups
    cvs -d :ext:source.eecs.berkeley.edu:/home/cvs_chess co yourgroup
    Embedded workgroups
    cvs -d :ext:source.eecs.berkeley.edu:/home/cvs_embedded co yourgroup
    Note that the embedded metroplis and mescal workgroups are still using the gigasource repository.
    Trust workgroups
    cvs -d :ext:source.eecs.berkeley.edu:/home/cvs_trust co yourgroup
  2. You can try using this script to read the CVS/Root files and substitute source for gigasource
    echo "Running find, this could take a minute"
    /usr/bin/find . -xdev -name Root -print > $cvsRootFiles
    # Create a script                                                               
    cat <<EOF *gt; $cvsRootScript                                                      
    for file in \$@                                                                 
            echo \$file                                                             
            #sed 's/gigasource/source/g' \$file > ptcvsfix.tmp                      
            echo ":ext:source.eecs.berkeley.edu:/home/cvs" > ptcvsfix.tmp           
            mv ptcvsfix.tmp \$file                                                  
    chmod a+x $cvsRootScript
    cat $cvsRootFiles | xargs $cvsRootScript
    rm -f $cvsRootFiles $cvsRootScript
    Note that this script does not work with files that have spaces in the name.
  3. Jonathan Sprinkle wrote:
    I used this script in visual studio 6 to do my CVS\Root mods:
    1. Use Visual Studio to find in files "gigasource.eecs" in file "Root" in your c:\ (or appropriate) drive
    2. Create a quickmacro with the below text by editing the file TEMPORARYQUICKMACRO.DSM in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\MSDev98\Macros (or equivalent) with the below text.
    3. Run the below macro by Cntl-Shft-P until all files have been processed (a dialog prompt will confirm that no more open files remain)
      'FILE DESCRIPTION: MSDev temporary Quick Macro - do not explicitly load this file from tools.customize
      Sub TemporaryQuickMacro
      'DESCRIPTION:Temporarily recorded Quick Macro
      'Begin Recording
              ActiveDocument.ReplaceText "gigasource.eecs", "source.eecs"
              ActiveWindow.Close dsSaveChangesPrompt
              ExecuteCommand "GoToNextErrorTag"
      'End Recording
  4. If you are a real rocket scientist, then you can try using the cvs release command.
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