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Shared FAQs
Christopher Brooks, 15 Jul 2009
Last updated: 30 Oct 2012

FAQs may be shared between the CHESS, TRUST and Embedded websites. During creation of a faq, one can either add text to refer to the URL of a faq on one of the other sites.


A shared faq may be customized so that when the faq is rendered on the website, it has website specific information. The way this works is that <siteConfig>keyword</siteConfig> is treated specially, where the keyword can refer to anything in the siteConfig array from www/php/sitename/config.php.

Below are some common values:

<a href="<siteConfig>pubsFAQCopyrightsURL</siteConfig>">Copyrights and journals</a> shared faq.
The location of the Copyrights and journals shared faq.
The reason we need this is that the location of the shared faq varies between websites.
The name of the special website workgroup: chess, embedded, or trust. For example
The main group is:
gets rendered as:
The main group is: chess
The email address of the webmaster: webmgr at chess eecs berkeley edu
For other values of siteConfig, you must be able to log on to the webserver and look at files like ~www/php/chess.eecs.berkeley.edu/config.php.
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