Chess Seminar
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Group name chessworkshop
Title Chess Seminar
Summary Mailing list for the weekly Chess Seminar
Description Email announcing the weekly Chess Seminar should be sent to this workgroup.

This group is intended for people who want notification of the Chess Seminar topics, but are not members of the chesslocal workgroup because they do not want to receive adminstrivia about Chess that appears on chesslocal.

Email to chessworkgroup is also forwarded to the chesslocal email alias.

Almost all members of Chess that are located at UC Berkeley should join chesslocal instead of joining this group.

The presentations from the Chess Seminar can be found at http://chess.eecs.berkeley.edu/seminar.htm.

Group type Software project Special interest group Administrative group
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Administrators Christopher Brooks cxh cxh@eecs.berkeley.edu
Sadigh Dorsa dsadigh dsadigh@berkeley.edu
Name hidden by user marys@eecs.berkeley.edu
Members Anil Aswani aaswani
Patricia Derler patricia.derler
Jerry Ding jding
Sadigh Dorsa dsadigh dsadigh@berkeley.edu
Alex Elium aelium
Soheil Ghiasi ghiasi
Name hidden by user
Robert Gregg, IV rdgregg
Pulkit Grover pulkit
Gabe Hoffmann gabeh
Tatsuaki Iwata tiwata
Rahul Jain rjain
Jeff C. Jensen jeffcjensen
Rowland R Johnson rowland-johnson
Thomas Kho tkho
Yoonhee Kim yulan00
Christoph Kirsch meyer
T. John Koo, Ph.D. koo
Orna Kupferman Orna
Timothy Loo timloo
Kris Pister pister
Jan Reineke reineke
Kapil Sheth, Ph.D. ksheth
Jonathan Sprinkle ee_doright sprinkle@ECE.Arizona.Edu
Bozidar Stojadinovic boza
Armin Wasicek awasicek arminw@berkeley.edu
Steven Waslander stevenw
John Wawrzynek johnw
Marco Zennaro zennaro
Guests Christopher Brooks cxh cxh@eecs.berkeley.edu
Adam Cataldo acataldo
Young-Hwan Chang yhchang yhchang@berkeley.edu
Douglas Densmore densmore
Jiwoong Lee porce
Slobodan Matic matic
Eloi Pereira eloi
Name hidden by user marys@eecs.berkeley.edu
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