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The third DARPA Grand Challenge is over. We are have taken our lessons learned and are applying them to our AGV project.

2007 Urban DARPA Grand Challenge

The Sydney-Berkeley Driving Team was made up of researchers from the University of Sydney's Australian Centre for Field Robotics, the University of Technology in Sydney's Mechatronics and Intelligent Systems Group, NICTA, and the University of California Berkeley. The team represented a unique collaboration in the area of field robotics and control. The ACFR, UTS, and NICTA team members have world-renowned experience with sensor fusion for autonomous vehicles at the theoretical and practical levels. UC Berkeley members have real-time avionics experience from the Berkeley Aerial Robots group, and members with experience from the two previous DARPA Grand Challenges.

  • Ben Upcroft, Michael Moser, Alexi Makarenko, David Johnson, Ashod Donikan, Alen Alempijevic, Robert Fitch, William Uther, Jan Biermeyer, Humberto Gonzalez, Esten Ingar Groetli, Todd Templeton, Vason P. srini, Jonathan Sprinkle. DARPA Urban Challenge Technical Paper: Sydney-Berkeley Driving Team, Technical report, University of Sydney; University of Technology, Sydney; University of California, Berkeley, June, 2007.
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