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The CHESS Center operated from 2002 through 2017. See Industrial Cyberphysical Systems (iCyPhy) for more recent research. The CHESS website is no longer active.

Only the most recent versions of each package are listed below. The packages are ordered by release date.

JFMI-1.0, a Java Wrapper for the Functional Mock-up Interface was released. The Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) is an emerging standard with the objective to make it easy to share modeling components between various simulation tools and environments. (6/18/12)

Pt1588: an open source implementation of IEEE 1588-2008 made available. (1/27/12)

PTARM Simulator v1.0 released. PTARM is a simulator for a Precision Timed (PT)ARM Architecture. (5/25/11)

Ptolemy II 8.0.1, a block diagram editor and simulator for continuous-time, hybrid and data flow systems. Ptolemy II included updates of:
VisualSense, a visual editor and simulator for wireless sensor network systems and
HyVisual, a block-diagram editor and simulator for continuous-time and hybrid systems.

Ptplot 5.8, a signal plotter. (10/5/10)

Precision Timed (PRET) Architecture Simulator 1.0 available. The goal of the PRET Project is to reintroduce timing predictability and repeatability by judiciously adopting architectural optimization techniques to deliver performance enhancements without sacrificing timing predictability and repeatability. (1/26/09)

Clotho Platform-based Design of synthetic biological systems (10/31/08)

CHIC 1.2, a modular verifier for behavioral compatibility of software and hardware component interfaces. (05/30/08)

SKETCH 0.9.5 is a sketching system based on combinatorial search, as opposed to transformations. (4/23/07)

Viptos 1.0.2, a block-diagram editor and simulator for TinyOS systems. (2/9/07)

CIL is a front-end for the C programming language that facilitates program analysis and transformation. (2/5/07)

Ellipsoidal Toolbox 1.1 is a standalone set of easy-to-use configurable MATLAB routines to perform operations with ellipsoids and hyperplanes of arbitrary dimensions. (12/10/06)

Generic Modeling Environment (GME 6.11.9) is a configurable toolkit for creating domain-specific modeling and program synthesis environments. (12/1/06)

Graph Rewriting And Transformation (GReAT 1.6.0) is a component technology of GME comprised of a metamodel based graph transformation language useful for the specification and implementation of model-to-model transformations. (12/1/06)

Universal Data Model (UDM 3.1.1) generates C++ API from UML class diagrams. The API can be used to read/write XML files, GME databases, etc. and is component technology for Graph Rewriting And Transformation (GReAT). (12/1/06)

Metropolis 1.1.2 consists of an infrastructure, a tool set, and design methodologies for various application domains. The infrastructure provides a mechanism such that heterogeneous components of a system can be represented uniformly and tools for formal methods can be applied naturally. (10/12/06)

COSI: the COmmunication Synthesis Infrastructure The COSI project aims at providing an infrastructure to assist designer in the difficult task of interconnecting components. (3/15/06)

Hierarchical Timing Language (HTL)Compiler and E-Machine HTL is a programming language for hard real-time systems. (2/10/06)

Giotto, a methodology for embedded control systems development. (10/28/04)

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