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Escher, like Chess, is interested in the field of embedded systems. Escher's main purpose is to provide an interface through which worthy research tools can be matured, and in that spirit this webpage is dedicated to those tools which have been matured in part through Escher, as well as providing some 'how-to' for tools which are necessary for those tools, but which were not designed or built here. You can find many of these exacmples in the [ developers ] section of this website.

Escher Main Page

We are working through the Escher Research Institutute, which can be found at http://www.escherinstitute.org/

Current Project

The current major project through Escher@Chess is the Embedded Open Control Platform (EOCP).

Projects and topics through Chess@Berkeley

There are several projects affiliated with Chess@Berkeley which have been part of the Escher Project, including:

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