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CVS for ESCHER Developers

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The development tree is found on a separate server from the website, and requires you to use the SSPI protocol for CVS.

The server used to house the ESCHER codebase is ransom.eecs.berkeley.edu. In order to connect to the CVS server on ransom, you must

  • be a member of the ESCHER_CVS group on that machine
  • be logged into the EECS domain (or have your authentication cached on your machine)
    • this is because of the SSPI protocol which is used by the ransom CVS server
  • use TortoiseCVS, or another CVS program which implements the SSPI protocol

Once you have all of the above, you should be able to check out various programming modules.

  Protocol Windows Authentication (SSPI)


  Repository folder: /escher
  User name: [you] (can also be blank)
  Module module_name (no leading slash)

Useful modules can be found at the developers page.

Please read this FAQ on the ransom server if you are logging in via Terminal Services to the ransom machine. If you plan to use TortoiseCVS while logged in, read this additional FAQ.

Last modified 2 November, 2005
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