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photo of Ken Birman
Ken Birman
    Cornell University

Home page:http://www.cs.cornell.edu/ken
Bio:  Ken Birman is Professor of Computer Science at Cornell University where he has studied distributed systems security and reliability issues since 1981. He is probably best known for having developed the Isis Toolkit, a fault-tolerance technology that became the centerpiece of the communications systems in the New York and Swiss Stock Exchanges, the French Air Traffic Control System, the Naval AEGIS warship, Florida Gas and Electric's control system, and many other mission-critical applications. Isis was also the basis of a company that Birman founded in 1987 and sold to Stratus Computer in 1993. Birman is the author of a forthcoming book, "Reliable Distributed Systems", (Spinger-Verlag; 2004), and has written several other books and many articles on the subject, including one that appeared in Scientific American in May, 1996. At Cornell, Dr. Birman heads the QuickSilver project, which is developing a new generation of scalable, reliable technologies for Web Services; previously, he headed the Isis, Horus, Ensemble and Spinglass projects. Dr. Birman was Editor in Chief of ACM Transactions on Computer Systems from 1993-1998 and is a Fellow of the ACM.
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