Dominique Duncan


Highway Traffic Flow Analysis and Control



Chess Center: 337 Cory Hall

Weekly Progress:

Week 1:

  • Met Mentor Alex Kurzhanskiy and got an overview of the highway traffic project and what work has been done so far on it
  • Read Review of Switching Mode Model and Parameter Calibration Method presentation
  • Read A Piecewise-Linearized Cell Transmission Model and Parameter Calibration Methodology
  • Began learning LaTex and practiced using it
  • Attended first SUPERB CHESS meeting
  • Met with Professor Sastry

Week 2:

  • Started learning MATLAB, specifically how to create a GUI to create highway traffic simulation
  • Created CHESS Poster template
  • Attended first Traffic meeting

Week 3:

  • Read papers for Stochastic Hybrid Systems group and chose EEG Ocular Artifact Removal Through ARMAX Model System Identification Using Extended Least Squares to present at meeting on July 20
  • Attended meeting on June 30 in which Alex Abate gave a presentation
  • Requested PEMS account to see highway traffic data and plot graphs

Week 4:

  • Worked on simulation on MATLAB
  • Updated CHESS SUPERB website with my information
  • Met with Sheila Humphreys, Patrick Hernan, and Beatriz Lopez-Flores about graduate schools

Week 5:

  • Presented at CHESS meeting
  • Continued work on MATLAB
  • Attended traffic meeting where each person was assigned some work to do for the next 3 weeks
  • Made rough draft of poster for what I have so far

Week 6:

  • Gave a talk at the Stochastic Hybrid Systems Meeting on the paper: EEG ocular artifact removal through ARMAX model system identification using extended least squares
  • Worked on poster
  • Submitted abstract of paper

Week 7:

  • Finished poster
  • Wrote draft of paper
  • Attended last SUPERB meeting

Week 8:

  • Printed, cut, and mounted Poster
  • Finished Report
  • Attended final CHESS and SHS meetings
  • Met with Professor Tomlin
  • Met with Professor Sastry
  • Participated in Poster Session

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