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The students for the summer 2006 CHESS SUPERB Program are:

Dominique Duncan is from Kansas and now a rising senior at the University of Chicago, majoring in Mathematics and Polish Literature. She is working this summer with Mentor Alex Kurzhanskiy.

Her areas of interest are highway traffic control, stochastic systems, and biomedical applications of math and statistics. Her SUPERB work is the flow analysis and control of highway traffic. Dominique plans on pursuing a PhD in electrical engineering and will be applying to schools in Fall 2006.

She is Vice President of the University of Chicago Math Club, President of the UofC Polish American Student Association, member of Women in Science, and member of IEEE CSS Women in Control group.

Nandita is a rising senior at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, majoring in Electrical Engineering. She is working with Saurabh Amin and Alessandro Abate and her project is making a toolbox for probabilistic safety verification of stochastic hybrid systems.

Nandita was born in Hawaii and went to Bangladesh with her parents. After studying two years in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology she transferred credit to Rutgers and started as a junior there from Fall 2005

She is the treasurer for IEEE, Rutgers for the academic year of 2006-2007.

Nandita is interested in wireless communication and has become interested in stochastic hybrid systems after coming to Berkeley. Her future plan is to cotinue working in these fields.


Nashlie Sephus is a rising senior at Mississippi State University, majoring in Computer Engineering. She is working this summer on an autopilot for a crossbow aircraft with mentor Todd Templeton.

Nashlie’s research interests include embedded systems, robotics, and high performance computing. She has also completed three semesters of Cooperative Education in the Information Technology field.

After graduation, she plans to enter graduate school. Her hobbies and other interests include music, tennis, golf, pool, and shopping.

Heather Taylor is a rising senior studying Electrical Computer Engineering at the University of Vermont. This summer she is working with her mentor Elaine Cheong.

Her areas of interest include Wireless Sensor Networks, RFID technology, and Embedded systems. This summer she will be working on multihop applications in Viptos.

Her involvement with UVM chapters include: Chair, IEEE; Webmaster, SWE; McNair Scholars, URECA!, & Tau Beta Pi. She plans to pursue her PhD after graduation.

For each of the four undergraduate researchers participating in SUPERB, we have a graduate student mentor who is working with the CHESS center in some way.

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