Nandita Andromeda Mitra

Project : Toolbox for Probabilistic Safety Verification of Stochastic Hybrid System

E-mail : nmitra@eecs.berkeley.edu





Weekly Updates

Week 1:

I met my mentor Saurabh Amin and got an idea about my project. First week was mostly exploring the world of Hybrid System reading very basic notes on it.


Week 2:

Started reading papers on Hybrid Systems focusing on Stochastic Hybrid Systems. So started having the probabilistic flavor of it. Worked on the MATLAB code for Wiener Process and Poisson Process as they will be used in the future works. Started writing the report of my project using LATEX.

Week 3:

Wrote programs for Multi Room thermostat. First one is for randomly generated temperaures. Second one is for Controlled system in which I tried to control the temperature of both room when they started going to the unsafe set. .



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