Thales/CHESS Interactions

The thales group is for interactions between Thales and CHESS. The Thales/CHESS agreement was signed on March 30, 2009 and ended in May, 2013.

This project developed the Pthales model of computation which implements multidimensional dataflow, similar to what is in ArrayOL and Multidimensional Synchronous Dataflow.

A key publication for this effort is:
RĂ©mi BARRERE, eric lenormand, Dai Bui, Edward A. Lee, Chris Shaver, Stavros Tripakis. An Introduction to the Pthales Domain of Ptolemy II, Technical report, EECS Department University of California, Berkeley, UCB/EECS-2011-32, April, 2011.

For access to the pthales domain, see http://chess.eecs.berkeley.edu/ptexternal.

This group has the following subpages:

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