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Lodging and Directions for Cory and Soda Halls

  • EECS Department Directions
  • UC Berkeley Housing Hotels
  • One way to find directions and hotels is to go to Yahoo and use the map facility to find an address near Cory and Soda Halls, such as

    2599 Hearst Ave
    Berkeley, CA 94720
    which will yield these maps
  • Google Maps
  • Mapquest
  • Yahoo Maps
  • General directions from the University Ave. exit on I-80 are as follows:

    • Proceed up University Avenue (toward the Berkeley Hills), about 3 miles, until you reach Oxford Street, (Oxford Street dead-ends into the west side of campus.)
    • Make a LEFT on Oxford Street.
    • Make a RIGHT onto Hearst Avenue (at the second stop light).
    • Proceed up Hearst Avenue, to the second stop light which is Gayley Road. Cory Hall is on the corner of Hearst/Gayley.


    Parking around the UC Berkeley Campus can be difficult.

    We encourage visitors to take public transportation.

    Instructions from BART

    1. If you take Bart, get off at the Downtown Berkeley station.
    2. Take the UC Berkeley Shuttle (Cost: $1)
      Note that it is possible to walk from Bart to Cory Hall, but the walk is 20 minutes uphill.
      The UC Berkeley Shuttle stop is on Shattuck between Center and Addison. Unfortunately, Shattuck Ave is split at that location, so the shuttle stop can be confusing to find, see the map below:

      downtown berkeley
      The shuttle stop is on the East side (toward the hills) of Berkeley Square.

      Get off at Cory Hall, located on Hearst Ave, just past Soda Hall.

    Pay Parking at the Lower Hearst Lot

    See the UC Berkeley Public Parking Site. The Lower Hearst lot has a few slots pay spaces that are open to the public. As of October, 2010 parking was $12/day.

    Pay Parking at the Student Union Lot

    Another option is to pay a flat fee of around $20 for the entire day and park at the Student Union Lot on Bancroft Way and Telegraph. (Google Maps, MapQuest, Yahoo Maps)

    To reach the Student Union parking lot from I-80:

    1. Exit I-80 at Ashby Ave.
    2. Proceed east (towards the hills) approximately 3 miles.
    3. Turn left on Telegraph.
    4. Go approximately 2 miles, turn left turn Telegraph dead ends into Bancroft Way.
    5. The parking lot will be on your right hand side, between Telegraph and Dana.

    There is an attendant at that lot to whom the fee can be paid.
    For details, see the Public and Visitor Parking Page

    From the Student Union Lot, it is a pleasant 15 minute walk to across campus to Cory Hall.

    As alternative to walking, there is a UC Berkeley Shuttle (Cost: $1) that runs every 12 minutes and takes 15-20 minutes to get from the Student Union to Cory Hall.

    The P Shuttle will pick up at the Student Union Lot at Bancroft Way, and go around campus.

    Get off at Cory Hall, located on Hearst Ave, just past Soda Hall.

    Prepaid Parking

    There are two types of permits
    • A "C" permit (which, as of October, 2010, costs us $16) that allows a visitor to park on any level of the parking structure across from Cory.
    • A "F" permit (which ,as of October, 2010, costs us $12) that allows a vistor to park only on the second and third levels of the parking structure across from Cory.
    Note that parking in the structure across from Cory tends to fill up by 8am. You may be able to leave your keys with the attendant. You must pick up your keys by 6pm. If you do not pick up your keys by 6pm, then they will be left with the police department in Sproul Hall.
    Don't forget to scratch off the date on the parking permit tag.

    The campus policy has changed regarding prepaid parking for visitors.
    The following options are now offered.

    • We have found it easiest to have visitors let us know in advance that they will require parking and then to call us from in front of Cory Hall and we will bring down a parking pass. Visitors may then park in the structure across from Cory (assuming there is space).
    • A visitor parking pass can be sent to you in US mail if you contact administrative staff associated with your visit well in advance of your visit.
    • If you are unable to make your request early enough to have a pass mailed to you, you can request that staff leave a pass for you at either the East Gate or West Gate kiosk. You will need to retrieve it from the kiosk attendant who will direct you to where you should park.
      Note that the kiosks open at 8am. Also, kiosks are not always manned, so this method is not very reliable.
    • You can go to the East Gate kiosk, provide the attendant with the destination building/department names and the name of a contact person. The attendant will give you directions for parking and a 20-minute temporary pass to display while you go retrieve a parking pass from your contact person.
      Go to your contact person and obtain a parking pass for the day and replace the temporary pass in your vehicle. Campus parking tickets are expensive. If you do not replace the temporary 20-minute pass with an all-day pass, you will be ticketed.

    Campus map

    UC Berkeley Map

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