Installation Instructions

CosiNoc 1.2

If you are interested in using Version 1.2 of COSI (called CosiNoc), then you can download the binary distributed for Linux. This release has been used already by other researchers and it is very stable. It is limited to solving one particular problem: finding the best NoC architecture given a set of communication requirements among cores (annotated with their sizes), and a characterization of point-to-point connections and routers. The distributions comes with models for wires and routers and a SystemC library that is used for simulation (CosiNoc generates a SystemC netlist of the synthesized network together with a makefile for the compilation of the generated code).

COSI 2.0

The compilation of Version 2.0 of COSI requires two steps. The first step generates a static library libCOSI.a that is then linked to a main file which described a design flow.
To generate the library, please refer to the installation manual.
Examples of main functions can be downloaded here, while the installation manual also explain how to compile the examples.

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