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Fall 2015


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Homework Assignments

Out of date, will be updated soon for Fall 2015.

Policy on Collaboration for Homeworks 1-4: Collaboration on homeworks 1-4 with other students in this class is encouraged. You may work in groups of at most two people; however, you must always write up the solutions on your own (including programming assignments) and state the names of those you worked with. Similarly, you may use references to help solve these homework problems, but you must write up the solution on your own and cite your sources. In particular, help must not be sought from students who have taken the course in previous years, and you may not review homework solutions from previous years. Your acknowledgment of collaboration will not be used to penalize you, nor will it affect your grade in any way. It is intended only for your own protection.

Policy on Collaboration for Homeworks 5 and 6 (continuous-time topics): Homeworks 5 and 6 must be solved individually; there should be no collaboration. Questions and clarifications should be addressed only to the TA and the instructors. Please treat these homeworks like mini take-home exams. Please make sure to read the guidelines here before starting on these homeworks.

  1. Access HWs 1-4 on bcourses.
  2. Access HWs 5 and 6 here. These HWs should be submitted by email (not on bcourses) - please see the submission instructions within.
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