Computer-aided design of integrated circuits has been an area of excellence at University of California at Berkeley since Donald O. Pederson's foundational work on Spice in 1972. Since that time Berkeley faculty have been recipients of many top honors in this area, including:

Industrial and Academic Impact

Berkeley's impact can hardly be measured by awards alone. Berkeley has had significant impact on both academia and industry in a number of ways:

    Berkeley Ph. D's and post-doctoral fellows populate the world's top academic institutions. Our graduates and post-docs include:

    Berkeley faculty have played key roles in founding two of the largest electronic design automation companies:

    Graduates have also founded many successful electronic design automation companies:

    • Dr. Ewald Detjens founded Exemplar Logic, which became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mentor Graphics Corporation
    • Dr. Ramin Hojati is the President and founder of Averant
    • Dr. Yuji Kukimoto is a co-founder of Extreme DA
    • Dr. Alex Saldanha and Dr. Rick McGeer founded Softface, Inc., which has been acquired by Ariba, Inc.
    • Professor Res Saleh is a founder and former Chairman of Simplex Solutions, which has been acquired by Cadence Design Systems
    • Dr. Hamid Savoj co-founded Magma Design Automation and is serving as Senior Vice President, Product Development
    • Dr. Vigyan Singhal was the founding CEO of Jasper Design Automation and is currently Chief Technology Officer

    Research software produced at Berkeley has been a key influence in the development of many commercial products:

    • MIS influenced the creation of the Synopsis Design Compiler
    • Polis led to the development of Cadence VCC
    • Ptolemy Classic influenced Synopsys System Studio and Agilent Advanced Development System
    • Spectre and RELAX produced the Cadence Spectre Circuit Simulator and Spectre-RF Simulation tools
    • Spice has influenced HSPICE and many other related products

    Berkeley faculty continue to play key roles as founders, directors, investors, and advisors to a number of important companies in the electronic design automation and semiconductor industries:

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