BSIM3 is a physical MOSFET model with extensive built-in dependencies of important dimensional and processing parameters such as channel length, width, gate oxide thickness, junction depth, substrate doping concentration, and so on. It allows users to accurately model MOSFET behavior over a wide range of channel lengths for present and future technologies. Using a coherent pseudo 2D formulation, major short-channel effects and high field effects such as threshold voltage roll-off, non-uniform doping effect, mobility reduction due to vertical field, carrier velocity saturation, channel-length modulation, drain induced barrier lowering, substrate current-induced body effect, subthreshold conduction, parasitic resistance effect, quantum effects, and LDD effect are included. Meticulous care has been taken to retain the physical functional relationships and achieve a high level of model accuracy and computational efficiency. The effects of variations in these parameters on the device AC and DC characteristics are built into the model. The predictive feature of BSIM3 makes statistical modeling of the device in the presence of fabrication process variations considerally simpler.
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