"Magic is an interactive editor for VLSI layouts that runs under 4.3 BSD Unix, as well as derivatives such as Digital's Ultrix and Sun's Sun OS. "

More information about Magic can be found at the Magic homepage and on the Magic (software) wiki page.

You may also be interested in Spice.

  • Magic is covered by the following Software Agreement.
  • The ILP Description includes a more complete description of the package.
    Tapes and docs are no longer available. Please ignore the prices and email addresses, this file is made available for historical reasons only.
  • magic_6.tar.Z 7.0Mb, 10/24/90
  • magicX11.tar.Z 234k, 4/24/95
  • DOS and Linux version of magic can be found at
  • A Windows version was available at
    See the Wayback machine snapshot from May, 2007 for instructions on building, but probably no downloads.
  • Cornell Magic page
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