Fall 2002 Schedule of Talks

Electronic Systems Design Seminar

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Date Time Venue Speaker Title 

Sep 2 (Mon)

NONE (Labor Day)

Sep 5 (Thu) 5 pm 540 Cory Stephen Edwards
Columbia University
Compiling Esterel Descriptions
[ SlidesSlides(small) ]

Sep 9 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory Cormac Flanagan 
HP Labs
Program Checking = Logic + Lambda

Sep 16 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory Hana Chockler
Hebrew University
Coverage Metrics in Formal Verification

Sep 23 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory Karl-Erik Arzen
Lund University, Sweden
JGrafchart: a Java-based graphical language  environment for 
sequences, procedures, and state-machines

Sep 30 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory Samarjit Chakraborty
ETH, Zurich
System-level Timing Analysis and Memory Estimation for Core Based Network Processor Design

Oct 7 (Mon) 4 pm 540 Cory Rob Schreiber
HP Labs, Palo Alto, CA
Program-In Chip-Out: The HP Labs Automatic Hardware Synthesis Project

Oct 14 (Mon) TBA TBA TBA TBA

Oct 15 (Tue) 3pm 540 Cory Axel Tillmann,  CEO
Novilit,  Marlborough, MA 
AnyWare for protocol stacks - From specification language to any processing environment and any architecture

Oct 21 (Mon) 4pm 540 Cory Orna Kupferman,
Hebrew University and UC Berkeley
Synthesis of reactive systems

Oct 28 (Mon) 4pm 540 Cory Christophe Pierrat
Numerical Technologies, San Jose
Lithography Impact on Design to Manufacturing Flow

Nov 4 (Mon) 4pm 540 Cory Salah Sukkarieh
The University of Sydney
The ANSER Project - Multi UAV Data Fusion and Cooperation

Nov 11 (Mon) - - NONE (Veterans Day) -

Nov 14 (Thu) 5pm 521 Cory Luca Daniel,
UC Berkeley and MIT
Electromagnetic Analysis and Modeling Techniques for High-Frequency
Electronic Systems Design

Nov 18 (Mon) 4pm 540 Cory Matthew Morley
Verisity Inc.
Dynamic Functional Verification

Nov 25 (Mon) 4pm 540 Cory Harald Ruess Bounded Model Checking: From Refutation to Verification

Dec 5 (Thu) 4pm 540 Cory Moshe Vardi
Rice University
The Design of A Formal Property-Specification Language


Dec 16 (Mon) TBA TBA TBA TBA

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