Spring 2002 Schedule of Talks

Electronic Systems Design Seminar

  • NEW We can set up teleconferencing equipments for people to participate remotely. Please let us know about one week earlier with such requests.
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Mar 19 (Tues) 4 pm 540 Cory Amit Mehrotra Noise analysis of radio frequency circuits
Mar 25 (Mon) 1 pm 540 Cory SPRING BREAK
Apr 1 (Mon) 1 pm 540 Cory No seminar
Apr 12 (Fri) 11 am 540 Cory Dennis Sylvester Global Signaling Strategies for Nanometer CMOS
Apr 15 (Mon) 1 pm 540 Cory Daniel Brand, Florian Krohm BEAM - A static analysis program for C/C++
Apr 22 (Mon) 1 pm 540 Cory Rajeev Joshi Denali: A Goal-directed Superoptimizer
May 1 (Wed) 1 pm 540 Cory Freddy Mang The composition and control of synchronous systems
May 3 (Fri) 11 am 540 Cory Rajesh Gupta Design Technology and Architectural Adaptation for Embedded Systems-on-Chip
May 6 (Mon) 1 pm 540 Cory Stan Liao Transaction-Level Modeling with System C

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