Schedule Spring '96

1/17/96: Jonathan Grudin, UC Irvine

"The Case AGAINST User Interface Consistency" Abstract

1/24/96: Doron Peled, AT&T Bell Labs

"New Trace Theory Results Applied to Model-Checking" Abstract

1/31/96: Vigyan Singhal, Cadence Berkeley Labs

"Design Replacements for Sequential Circuits" Abstract

2/7/96: Robert P. Kurshan, AT&T Bell Labs

"Hardware Verification at AT&T" Abstract

2/12/96 (5pm Hogan): Francesco Piazza, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

"Low Power RF-Receiver IC's for Mobile Communications" Abstract

2/14/96 (3pm Hughes Room): Miron Abramovici, AT&T Bell Labs

"Identifying Sequential Redundancies Without Search" Abstract

2/14/96 (5pm Hughes): Scott Hauck, Northwestern University

"Multi-FPGA Systems" Abstract

2/21/96: Alexander Saldanha, Cadence Berkeley Labs

"Compact Complete Test Sets for Multiple Stuck-Faults" Abstract

2/26/96 (Monday 2pm Wang room): Egon Boerger, Universita di Pisa (Italy)

"A formal specification and a correctness proof for pipelining in RISC architectures" Abstract

2/28/96: Ramin Hojati, UC Berkeley hojati@cs

"Datapath Abstraction in Hardware Systems" Abstract

3/6/96: Steve McGeady, Intel Internet Technology

"The Future of the Internet" Abstract

3/13/96: Yogen Dalal, Mayfield Fund

"Five Easy Questions from a Venture Capitalist" Abstract

3/20/96: Thomas A. Henzinger, UC Berkeley

"New Looks at Old Concepts: Local Liveness and Finitary Fairness" Abstract

4/3/96: Luca de Alfaro, Stanford University

"Temporal Verification by Diagram Transformations" Abstract

4/8/96 (Monday): Henry Verheyen and Amr Mohsen, Aptix Corporation

"High-Performance Emulation Systems" Abstract

4/10/96: M. Srivas and N. Shankar, SRI International Computer Science Lab.,

"Modular Verification of SRT Division" Abstract

4/17/96: John Cohn, IBM

"Design for Manufacturing--CAD Opportunities at IBM" Abstract

4/22/96 (Monday): Henny Sipma and Tomas Uribe,

"Deductive Model Checking" Abstract

4/24/96: Fong Pong, Sun Microsystems Inc.

"Verification of Cache-Coherent Shared-Memory Multiprocessor Systems" Abstract

4/26/96 (Friday 2pm): Peter Kopke, Cornell Univ.

"Computing Simulations on Finite and Infinite Graphs" Abstract

4/29/96 (Monday 5pm): Orna Kupferman, AT & T

"Experiences with Reduction Hierarchies" Abstract

5/1/96: John Marren, Alex. Brown & Sons

"EDA Investment Outlook and the IPO Process" Abstract

5/3/96 (Friday 11AM Hughes): Sinisa Srbljic, AT&T, U of Toronto, U of Zagreb

"Models for Performance Prediction of Coherence Protocols" Abstract

5/8/96: Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Univ. of Utah

"The Avalanche Scalable Parallel Processor: An Overview of its Design and Formal Validation" Abstract

5/10/96 (Friday 11AM Wang Rm.): Dhiraj K. Pradhan, Texas A & M Univ.

"Recursive Learning Based Techniques for Verification and Optimization" Abstract

5/22/96: Mark Greenstreet, Univ. of British Columbia, Canada

"Verification of Digital Circuits Using Analog Models" Abstract

Upcoming seminars:

May 8: Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Univ. of Utah

May 10 (Friday 11am): Dhiraj Pradhan, Texas A & M Univ.
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