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Our unique boutique approach to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) summer enrichment is built upon four key principles:

  • Makerspace approach. We are not just housed on Berkeley’s campus, we actively engage with the researchers and resources it holds. Through individual and group builds students will learn about computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics, robotics, virtual reality, cyber-physical systems, and fluid dynamics.
  • Low student to instructor ratios. We only accept 24 students who are supported in their learning by five STEM ambassadors with experience in a wide-range of engineering disciplines.
  • Educational best practices. We use research proven approaches to cultivate students’ ability to tolerate challenge through iterative processes. These, coupled with data verified mindfulness techniques, allow our students to significantly increase their ability to become autonomous learners.
  • Individualized college planning support. Members of the College of Engineering admissions staff will meet with students and provide advice regarding next steps to help students gain entry to a top undergraduate STEM program. They will also host a family night where parents can come and ask questions of their own regarding college admissions strategies and information about scholarships.

Student participants work alongside Berkeley faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates to develop their expertise in science while also encouraging their perception of themselves as scientists.